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Master Point Press

Inferences at Bridge, Marshall Miles

Inferences at Bridge, Marshall Miles

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To be successful, a bridge player has to think like a detective, tracking down the distribution of the unseen hands. Although many players are oblivious to them, the tell-tale clues are there, just waiting to be noticed. They are there, just waiting to be noticed. They are there in the auction and in the opening lead. Every time a defender plays a card, declarer receives information. Similarly, everything that declarer does can be turned to advantage by alert defenders. There is even vital intelligence to be gained by thinking about what a player does not do! In this book, you will learn where to look for these clues, and more importantly, how to draw the correct inferences from them. From there, it is only a short step to making bids and plays based on those inference, and thereby becoming a much better player.

Author(s): Marshall Miles
Publication year: 2002
Publication date: 2002-10-01
Pages: 206
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Master Point Press
Condition: BE
ISBN: 9781894154512
Dimensions: 17.27 x 1.35 x 21.84 cm
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